About Us

LaborGaming was launched with one thing in mind, make your company better. We poured passion for improvement, innovation, fun, and accomplishment into the soul of our system.

We know that company success comes from successful employee culture. Improve your culture and reap the dividends. Humans need structure and accountability but processes don’t always have to be boring or forced. Would you rather have employees doing things because they have to or because they want to?

Our core platform is an easy to use online management system that combines innovative tools merged with the excitement of fantasy sports. You set the priorities and your workforce has fun while delivering results never before seen on all levels you seek.

LaborGaming creates, connects, and cultivates for your operation!

  • Keys to Our Company Creation

    • Safety programs can be costly and poor safety cultures even more so.

    • Retention and new hire development is a big key to successful businesses.

    • You can never have enough communication yet its challenging to do so properly, timely and inexpensively with large workforces.

    • Employers are trying to do more with less. Need more improvement but have to spend less. Lower cost, improve Safety, quality, customer service, retention, and continuous improvement.

    • Fantasy Sports is fun and growing in popularity. What happens when you play fantasy sports? Besides having fun competition against friends, you start noticing all sorts of detail and information you never did before. What happens when your workforce does the same?

    • Employees get bored and lose focus.

    • Generally speaking, most labor workforce employees were, and still are athletes who like to compete.